Thursday, 11 January 2018

HTC VR headset is exactly what you could expect from such amazing brands

HTC VR headset: HTC has unveiled its own all-new HTC VR headset known as the Vive Guru at CES 2018. The Vive Pro includes the built-in headset. HTC’s most current update in the Vive virtual reality platform includes exceptional resolution and pixel density. HTC also disclosed the Vive Adaptor, which empowers Vive and Vive Professional users to join their VR headsets into a PC without having a cable. The business hasn’t revealed any information about the purchase price and access to this HTC Vice Pro.

HTC VR headset

The Vive Guru sports dual-OLED shows in a resolution of 2880×1600 pixels united, which really is a 78 percent increase in resolution within the recent Vive, HTC maintains. The head-mounted screen also gets updated ergonomics, built-in sound service, and also two front-facing cameras that could open paths for augmented reality applications. The built-in headphones at the Vive Guru are powered with an integrated amplifier. HTC states that the new apparatus is much more comfortable, because of another strap and reduced front weight.

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